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We still think about Stephen every day, says Westlife Mark

We still think about Stephen every day, says Westlife Mark

2010 – October

Take From:

By Lorna Nolan

Stephen Gately. Photo: PA


Monday October 18 2010


WESTLIFE’S Mark Feehily admits that he is still haunted by the death of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately one year after his tragic passing.
The Sligo-born singer explained how he and his fellow bandmates; Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan and Kian Egan could not attend an anniversary service in memory of the singer, which took place at the St Laurence O’Toole church on Sheriff Street, as they were in London for a photoshoot.
“We still think about Stephen and talk about him, it’s not that the situation has left our minds at all,” he said, adding he was also hit by Gerry Ryan’s death.
“I mean even on Wednesday morning I was at home in Sligo and I almost went to go and turn on the radio to listen to Gerry Ryan. You know it’s tough and you do think about them a lot,” he added.
The star added that he knew nothing about the alleged falling out between the family of Stephen Gately and the late pop star’s husband Andrew Cowles over the scattering of his ashes earlier this month.
“I suppose it’s a very sensitive subject, only the family and him [Cowles] will ever know what really happened.
“It’s like politics.”
Mark, who got engaged to his longtime partner Kevin McDaid last January, says they are planning their nuptials.
The star says they have yet to decide on a date or venue, but feels strongly that they should have the right to hold their civil partnership in Ireland if they so choose. “I would love to have the choice to marry in Ireland, it’s just a matter of being equal to everyone else,” Mark explained.

“I think I should have the choice. Ireland has come a long way but there’s still a long way to go. Right now we’re an engaged couple. We’re brainstorming at the moment. It’s probably going to be the best day of our lives so we want to make it really special,” he added.
Mark also spoke of his excitement ahead of Westlife’s first official concert at the O2 which takes place on April 2.
Tickets for the gig went on sale last Friday at 9am from all usual outlets and are expected to sell out fast. “We’ve never actually played the O2 to full capacity before.
“The acoustic gig was more of an intimate, small performance so we’re all very excited,” Mark explained.
“We’re just meeting our creative team at the moment to make all the plans.”
We missed you Steve 😦
anyway, I don’t understand, I thought Ireland has passed the civil partnership law for gay people, why does Mark say that he’s doesn’t have the choice?

‘LEGALISE GAY MARRIAGE IN IRELAND’ Westlife star Mark’s plea.

2010 – October
Take From:
The Irish Mirror

By Leanne Smyth

WESTLIFE star Mark Feehily has called for gay marriage to be made legal.

The singer said he wishes he could marry boyfriend Kevin McDaid without any restrictions and be afforded the same rights as his bandmates.

Mark, 30, added: “Like anyone else I want equality. I want to have the choice to get married wherever I want, just like everybody else.

“I am still reading up on different legislation matters about getting married, I’m still learning loads about it.

“But at the end of the day I would just like to be like any of my friends and the other members of the band and have the choice to get married whenever, wherever I want, be it Ireland or anywhere.”

The star said he can’t escape all the wedding talk as everyone wants to hear what the boys plan to do on their big day.

He added: “Everyone’s asking me did we set a date, we haven’t as yet because we haven’t been engaged that long really.

“It’s only been since January so it’s not that long at all really. We are still enjoying the moment.

“We are always talking about it and thinking of dates, places and times.

“Everyday we are getting closer to the date and time. We are looking into a lot of different options for now.” The star also revealed Westlife are gearing up to release their new album in November.

He said: “It’s going to be great – we got a great response to our new single after they played clips of it on the X Factor last week.

“It’s an original song and we think that our fans will love it. It’s very Westlife.”

Mark revealed that the muchloved foursome are desperate to appear on this year’s talent show and perform their new track.

He added: “We have appeared on it every year so far but we would never take it for granted and expect that we would automatically be on it.

“We won’t be jumping up and down though until we get the call.

“But I have to say that we would love to go on it this year again.”

The bold part, I guess I’m guilty as charged, lol…

anyway, here’s another pic of them

they’re so adorable, I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness 🙂

MARRIED LIFE FOR MARK – Pop hunk set to tie the knot

Mark Feehily & Kevin McDaid

Westlife star Mark Feehily and his partner Kevin McDaid are engaged to be married after celebrating five years together.

The loved up couple first met at a Childline concert in Dublin in 2005. “They decided to celebrate back in Dublin which is where they met five years ago,” said a friend

“They stayed in the Morrison Hotel and had a great night and have told all their friends and family.

“They’re really happy and everyone who knows them is delighted for them.”

He added: “They haven’t decided when and where they’ll get married yet but they hope to do it soon.”

Mark’s partner Kevin is a photographer and has just shot a major billboard campaign for a radio campaign that can be seen all over London. He shot the sleeve for the new Jedward single Ice Ice Baby last week.

Sligo-born pop star Mark has already revealed that he is still blissfully happy with his “first boyfriend”. “I don’t want the growing old part but I do want to do it with Kevin,” he said.

“We will be sitting there bickering all day long. I think you know when you love someone, it feels right inside.

“We always tell each other that we love each other. I don’t analyse it. I just live it.”

Mark insisted that the couple have been totally been accepted as part of their community in Sligo.

“Where I grew up is a far cry from New York or London but I haven’t had one comment made to me in Sligo. I have to give the place full credit.”

source: Irish Star

The news was confirmed by Mark Feehily via his twitter:

Hi guys,ITS TRUE!!! Myself & Kevin are engaged!! We are so happy! Exciting times ahead,thanks for all ur kind words! Lotsa love,Mark&Kevin x



Congratulation guys 🙂

Westlife in OK Magazine

dari shanefilan.nl

Taken the Westlife part:

Part 1

And it was just as pudding was being devoured that a white drape at the side of the terrace was pulled down to reveal a stage and to the guests amazement, Westlife! The Irish boys began their speech:

“Hello everyone, we’d like to congratulate Wayne and Coleen on their wedding day and invite them up here for there first dance!”

Cheers erupted as Wayne led a smiling Coleen to the dancefloor. The couple then slow-danced to the Westlife hit ‘I Do’, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes while singing the words to each other, as the guests looked on misty eyed. The boys then invited all of the guests up to dance and family, friends and footballers all boogied to a string of the boy band’s hits.

Part 2

There was another big surprise in store for guests though – the boys invited Wayne to join them on stage to sing their hit ‘Swear It All Over Again’ as a little bird had told them he could sing and they weren’t wrong – We knew Wayne was perfect on the pitch but pitch perfect? The boys were so impressed that Mark Feehily said: “I think he could replace Brian (McFadden)!” Nicky Byrne then went on to say: “Coleen, you look absolutely beautiful today.” With Mark adding: “Oi! She’s a married woman now!” After playing a 45 minute set, Nicky said to the bride and groom: “It’s a pleasure for us to be here. We hope you have a long and happy life together.”


Westlife Signing Our Story Video

After the pictures, I’ve found video of Westlife signing their biography in Dublin 🙂


and another pitcher 😉


Westlife book signing

Some photos I found on the net 🙂

source http://www.westlife.gr/

yaay, I can’t wait to get the book 🙂

Song Fic: My Love

My Love


An empty street

An empty house

A hole inside my heart

I’m all alone

The rooms are getting smaller


Ari enters her room, closing the door behind her. A heavy sigh slips out of her mouth. She gazes around the place, breathing in the familiar scene in front of her. Putting her bag away, as she walks toward the closet.


She lies down on the bed. Her body feels so exhausted, after non-stop working from 9 to 5. She needs a good massage and a beauty sleep, but her mind keeps wandering to her boyfriend, Shane.


I wonder how

I wonder why

I wonder where they are

The days we had

The songs we sang together


It’s been almost a year since Ari moved away from her hometown, but she can still remember Shane’s hopeless expression while letting her go. She could see plead and worry on his eyes.


Even though they promised to keep in touch every day, but promises was just promises. The truth is they only contacted each other every other week due to their works, even sometimes a week gone by without a telephone call.


And oh my love

I’m holding on forever

Reaching for a love that seems so far


Ari reaches out for the teddy bear beside her, a gift for her last birthday from Shane. He said that it would be the reminder of him while they’re apart. Even though he only said it on the birthday card, nonetheless it was still a sweet gesture of Shane.


A tear trickles down her cheek as memories of their love run through her mind. The teddy bear was squished on a hug by Ari, she really misses him. Oh how she wishes that Shane was there, to hold her tight, to tell her that she was loved.


So I say a little prayer

And hope my dreams would take me there

Where the skies are blue

To see you once again my love

Over seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields are green

To see you once again


But she can only dream.


It was her decision to leave, she was the one who thought that she needed to be free. Free to be herself; free to actualize her dreams; free to decide her own will. And as a good boyfriend, Shane could only agree to what she wants, even though it hurt him that Ari chose the different path, but he understood, and he supported her decision.


Reaching out for her mobile, she determines to call Shane. She needs to hear his voice, to hear words of encouragement she knows she would get from him.


Unfortunately, busy signals were all she gets. She sends short messages, but no reply. Tries as she may, she couldn’t contact Shane. It seems that Shane is unable to reach.


I try to read

I go to work

I’m laughing with my friends

But I can’t stop to keep myself from thinking


Ari cries herself to sleep that night, thinking that Shane has forgotten about her. She’s quite sure that Shane tries to ignore her now.


A nightmare comes to her sleep, Shane was leaving her, she tried to hold him back with no avail. She wakes up with sweats drenches on her body. Flashes of the nightmare play on her head, but then she tosses them all away, assuring herself that it was just a nightmare, it means nothing.


The next morning she does her usual activities, or at least she tries to. Her mind couldn’t concentrate on her jobs as it always wanders away thinking about Shane. She’s already left another message for him before she went to work, but still no reply.


She attempts her hardest to snub the nags on her head that speculate every awful possibility on why Shane hasn’t called her back.


I wonder how

I wonder why

I wonder where they are

The days we had

The songs we sang together


To her annoyance, one of her workmates keeps telling her about their wedding plans. She can’t blame her, she guesses. Ari knows that her friend is only asking her for an opinion, not that her friend is intended to show off or something. But still, it’s a total torture.


Her mind flies to those memories where she and Shane would talk about their dreams, talk about what they want for life. A family, white picket fences with their kids running around the yard, nothing but happiness and contentment on their faces.


And oh my love

I’m holding on forever

Reaching for a love that seems so far


The memory brings a smile to her face. They promise to each other that someday they will live their dreams.


The dreams she could cling in to. The dreams of which still assured her about their relationship until now. The dreams that someday would be come true.


“Someday.” Ari prays.


So I say a little prayer

And hope my dreams would take me there

Where the skies are blue

To see you once again my love

Over seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields are green

To see you once again


After work, Ari goes straight to her apartment, in hope that maybe Shane called and left a message there. She checks her message on the phone, but none from Shane.


She calls some of her friends back home, in hope they would know on Shane whereabouts, but the results are still disappointing. She knows from her friends that Shane is alright, a friend of her met him yesterday, but she still doesn’t know why Shane hasn’t called her.


Okay, so she doesn’t need to worry that there’s something happen with Shane, but then why he still hasn’t contacted her? Is he seeing someone new? Is Shane cheating on her?


Oh, how she wishes she was back at home right now, she could go to Shane’s house and confronts him right there and then. But she’s not there, and there’s nothing she can do other than hopes that Shane is faithful to her.


Calling her mom, Ari tells her about the problem. Her mother understands her, and she gives Ari some shooting advices, comforting her and enlightened her with saying that maybe Shane was busy, and that she would need to keep on trying and don’t give up hope on them.


To hold you in my arms

To promise you my love

To tell you from the heart

You’re all I’m thinking of

I’m reaching for a love that seems so far


Alone in her room, Ari tries to avert her mind from Shane. She watches some movie on TV, but it turns out as the movie she and Shane had watched on their first date, and so it reminds her of him. She then tries to read a novel, but its story is about a cheating husband, thus it depresses her more.


“Why does it have to be like this?” Ari asks the teddy bear, as though it could answer her inquiry. She really is at her lowest mood right now. Everything reminds her of Shane, but she can do nothing other than wishing and praying that Shane still loves and cares about her.


The ringtone of her mobile snaps her up from her reverie, signing that she has a new message. She opens the message and feels her heart beats a mile a minute as the message comes from Shane. Familiar lines of lyric are shown on the screen, while Ari reads it slowly word by word as if they are the cure for her illness.


Say a little prayer

Dreams would take me there

Where the skies are blue

To see you once again my love

Over seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields are green

To see you once again


She knows those words; she memorizes those lyrics by heart. Those come from their song. A song of which describes how much they need each other; a song of which portrays their love into words; a song of their own.


Before she manages a reply, a soft knock on the door was heard. Ari frowns for awhile, wondering who is visiting at this time of hour. Nonetheless, she stands up and walks toward the door. Her mobile is still on her hand, starting to type some reply for Shane while walking.


She opens the door, and she can’t believe the sight in front of her.


“Shane!” Ari squeaks, her voice is stuck in her throat, a lump of happiness suddenly forms in her chest.


“My love…”