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We still think about Stephen every day, says Westlife Mark

We still think about Stephen every day, says Westlife Mark

2010 – October

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By Lorna Nolan

Stephen Gately. Photo: PA


Monday October 18 2010


WESTLIFE’S Mark Feehily admits that he is still haunted by the death of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately one year after his tragic passing.
The Sligo-born singer explained how he and his fellow bandmates; Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan and Kian Egan could not attend an anniversary service in memory of the singer, which took place at the St Laurence O’Toole church on Sheriff Street, as they were in London for a photoshoot.
“We still think about Stephen and talk about him, it’s not that the situation has left our minds at all,” he said, adding he was also hit by Gerry Ryan’s death.
“I mean even on Wednesday morning I was at home in Sligo and I almost went to go and turn on the radio to listen to Gerry Ryan. You know it’s tough and you do think about them a lot,” he added.
The star added that he knew nothing about the alleged falling out between the family of Stephen Gately and the late pop star’s husband Andrew Cowles over the scattering of his ashes earlier this month.
“I suppose it’s a very sensitive subject, only the family and him [Cowles] will ever know what really happened.
“It’s like politics.”
Mark, who got engaged to his longtime partner Kevin McDaid last January, says they are planning their nuptials.
The star says they have yet to decide on a date or venue, but feels strongly that they should have the right to hold their civil partnership in Ireland if they so choose. “I would love to have the choice to marry in Ireland, it’s just a matter of being equal to everyone else,” Mark explained.

“I think I should have the choice. Ireland has come a long way but there’s still a long way to go. Right now we’re an engaged couple. We’re brainstorming at the moment. It’s probably going to be the best day of our lives so we want to make it really special,” he added.
Mark also spoke of his excitement ahead of Westlife’s first official concert at the O2 which takes place on April 2.
Tickets for the gig went on sale last Friday at 9am from all usual outlets and are expected to sell out fast. “We’ve never actually played the O2 to full capacity before.
“The acoustic gig was more of an intimate, small performance so we’re all very excited,” Mark explained.
“We’re just meeting our creative team at the moment to make all the plans.”
We missed you Steve 😦
anyway, I don’t understand, I thought Ireland has passed the civil partnership law for gay people, why does Mark say that he’s doesn’t have the choice?

‘LEGALISE GAY MARRIAGE IN IRELAND’ Westlife star Mark’s plea.

2010 – October
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The Irish Mirror

By Leanne Smyth

WESTLIFE star Mark Feehily has called for gay marriage to be made legal.

The singer said he wishes he could marry boyfriend Kevin McDaid without any restrictions and be afforded the same rights as his bandmates.

Mark, 30, added: “Like anyone else I want equality. I want to have the choice to get married wherever I want, just like everybody else.

“I am still reading up on different legislation matters about getting married, I’m still learning loads about it.

“But at the end of the day I would just like to be like any of my friends and the other members of the band and have the choice to get married whenever, wherever I want, be it Ireland or anywhere.”

The star said he can’t escape all the wedding talk as everyone wants to hear what the boys plan to do on their big day.

He added: “Everyone’s asking me did we set a date, we haven’t as yet because we haven’t been engaged that long really.

“It’s only been since January so it’s not that long at all really. We are still enjoying the moment.

“We are always talking about it and thinking of dates, places and times.

“Everyday we are getting closer to the date and time. We are looking into a lot of different options for now.” The star also revealed Westlife are gearing up to release their new album in November.

He said: “It’s going to be great – we got a great response to our new single after they played clips of it on the X Factor last week.

“It’s an original song and we think that our fans will love it. It’s very Westlife.”

Mark revealed that the muchloved foursome are desperate to appear on this year’s talent show and perform their new track.

He added: “We have appeared on it every year so far but we would never take it for granted and expect that we would automatically be on it.

“We won’t be jumping up and down though until we get the call.

“But I have to say that we would love to go on it this year again.”

The bold part, I guess I’m guilty as charged, lol…

anyway, here’s another pic of them

they’re so adorable, I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness 🙂

Gay Westlife star wants children

Mark Feehily wants children, he has revealed.

The gay Westlife singer – who recently announced his engagement to long-term partner Kevin McDaid – admits he would love to raise a family after being inspired by his bandmates.

He said: “I’m surrounded by children because Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne have kids. I love kids and there’s nothing like the gift of bringing up your own kids. It would be nice if I got to the place where I was ready to bring up a kid.”

Although he is overjoyed that 26-year-old Kevin – who he has been dating for five years – accepted his proposal, Mark, 29, admits he has not yet started planning their nuptials.

He added: “There’s nothing planned as of yet, it’s just an engagement. We’re enjoying being engaged and obviously we’re excited about various different concepts for the wedding, but nothing has been decided upon.

“Both of us are very creative-minded people with a million ideas, so there’ll be a lot of time before we lock down exactly what it will be.

“I’d be lying if I said we had any idea.”



MARRIED LIFE FOR MARK – Pop hunk set to tie the knot

Mark Feehily & Kevin McDaid

Westlife star Mark Feehily and his partner Kevin McDaid are engaged to be married after celebrating five years together.

The loved up couple first met at a Childline concert in Dublin in 2005. “They decided to celebrate back in Dublin which is where they met five years ago,” said a friend

“They stayed in the Morrison Hotel and had a great night and have told all their friends and family.

“They’re really happy and everyone who knows them is delighted for them.”

He added: “They haven’t decided when and where they’ll get married yet but they hope to do it soon.”

Mark’s partner Kevin is a photographer and has just shot a major billboard campaign for a radio campaign that can be seen all over London. He shot the sleeve for the new Jedward single Ice Ice Baby last week.

Sligo-born pop star Mark has already revealed that he is still blissfully happy with his “first boyfriend”. “I don’t want the growing old part but I do want to do it with Kevin,” he said.

“We will be sitting there bickering all day long. I think you know when you love someone, it feels right inside.

“We always tell each other that we love each other. I don’t analyse it. I just live it.”

Mark insisted that the couple have been totally been accepted as part of their community in Sligo.

“Where I grew up is a far cry from New York or London but I haven’t had one comment made to me in Sligo. I have to give the place full credit.”

source: Irish Star

The news was confirmed by Mark Feehily via his twitter:

Hi guys,ITS TRUE!!! Myself & Kevin are engaged!! We are so happy! Exciting times ahead,thanks for all ur kind words! Lotsa love,Mark&Kevin x


Congratulation guys 🙂

Another Westlife wedding?


Westlife star Mark Feehily (28) has signalled he will eventually tie the knot with his long-term boyfriend Kevin McDaid.

And given that after this week, he’ll be enjoying a 12-month-long holiday from the music industry, the singer plans to devote more of his time to Kevin.

“I get asked about this all the time and I’m sure I will eventually get married,” he told the Herald. “The fact is, I’m as happy as Larry with Kevin. Thing’s are going fantastically well between us. We’re together now more than three years and the relationship is brilliant.

“I have been talking about the issue a lot in our new Westlife book and I said a bit out about the whole ‘coming out’ issue and I meant it when I said it was the best thing I ever did.”

He added how it’s not something he thinks about “right now” but could see it happening in the future.

However, Mark may have to wait a few years yet before getting married in Ireland.

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern ruled out a referendum on gay marriage in the lifetime of the current government.

Speaking on Newstalk today, Mr Ahern said he “couldn’t go any further” in providing equal rights for gay people in Ireland.

“The government has gone as far as is legally and constitutionally possible. If we were to go any further we would have to put a referendum to the people, but I couldn’t see it happening in the lifetime of this government,” Mr Ahern said.


Mark first met fellow performer Kevin, a former member of boyband V, at the Childline concert in Dublin in January 2005 and just a few months later, came out of the closet.

Since then, he said he has received nothing but messages of support from fans around the world, who have commended him for his honesty.

One of the strongest couples on the showbiz scene, the pair have been inseparable since meeting more than three years ago and friends say they are definitely in it for the long haul.

And given that Mark and the rest of the band are taking a year-long break from music, he has ample time to devote to his personal life.

“Technically, it’s a year off but it’s more that we’re not releasing an album this year. We have done nine albums in nine years and it does take its toll. We wanted to get away from it all. We want to be able to go home, scratch our ar**s and do nothing,” he explained.

“I want to be around for my dad’s birthday and my friend’s wedding and all the thing’s that I’ve missed throughout the years, the things that you bite your lip for and say you don’t mind missing.”


He continued: “You do have to make sacrifices if you want to be a success but we feel it’s a good time to take a year off. Me and Kian are going to travel while Shane and Nicky have kids so they want to be home to wake up in the morning and be there for them.”

The Irish band will finish their sell-out tour of UK and Ireland by performing at the Liverpool Pops event this Sunday — which will mark their last performance for a year.

But Mark admitted that it was “unfortunate” that the weather affected their performance in Galway last Saturday, after scores of fans were forced to leave Pearse Stadium early due to the torrential rainfall.

“I heard someone say that three weeks worth of rain fell in about two hours on the evening but what can you do? You just have to get on with it. Before the show, I thought the whole thing might be cancelled but in the end, they went along with it and the decision was taken out of our hands,” he explained. “By the end of the night, 70 or 75pc of the crowd were still there and that was good to see.”

It said that Mark would have to wait for several years to get married in Ireland *sighs*, I feel sorry for him,
I know that Irish church still have big influence in Ireland, but still, England can do it, why not Ireland?

Enough of bad thought. Here’s some pitchers of the lovely Mark Feehily and Kevin McDaid otherwise known as Marvin 😀

Mark Feehily:

17 Gay/Lesbian Hollywood Celebrities

Although he plays a womanizer on “How I Met Your Mother,” Neil Patrick Harris has been in a committed relationship with boyfriend David Burtka since 2004.

Ellen DeGeneres announced her engagement to Portia de Rossi shortly after the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on gay marriage in May. The comedian, who recently won the Emmy for best talk show host, joked that she would put her statuette on top of their wedding cake.

Sir Ian McKellan (“Lord of the Rings,” “X-Men”) is one of the most celebrated actors on stage and screen.

Rosie O’Donnell says she won’t remarry partner Kelli Carpenter until gay marriages are recognized nationwide. The couple wed in 2004, but their marriage was later ruled invalid by the California Supreme Court. The Court reversed its decision in May 2008, once again recognizing gay marriage.

Since coming out in 2006, former boy bander Lance Bass has been a vocal advocate for gay rights.

Singer Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels have stayed together through the good times (the birth of a son, Miller, in 2006) and bad (Melissa’s breast cancer battle).

“Grey’s Anatomy” star T.R. Knight doesn’t care about the 16-year age difference between him and his beau, 19-year-old Mark Cornelson.

“Project Runway” winner Christian Siriano has made a name for himself with his innovative design, indescribable hairstyle, and overuse of the word “fierce!”

American designer and “Runway” judge Michael Kors is known for his sharp eye and even sharper tongue.

Tim Gunn has mentored aspiring fashionistas on “Runway” since the very beginning. Make it work!

With her larger-than-life style and personality, Gossip singer Beth Ditto has become a muse for designers Alexander McQueen and Charles Anastase.

Rex Lee has been stealing scenes in HBO’s hit “Entourage” for years. The fifth season returns in September 2008.

“Survivor” contestant-turned-model JP Calderon’s decision to come out was a poignant and powerful moment in Janice Dickinson’s usually over-the-top reality show, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”

Luke MacFarlane’s portrayal of a gay man on “Brothers and Sisters” helped facilitate his coming out in April 2008.

Sir Elton John (pictured here with partner David Furnish) has been out for twenty years. His tireless support of AIDS charities has garnered him as much respect as his singing/songwritng talent.

Like Elton John, George Michael is a dynamic English-born performer who continues to draw crowds.

(Keluarga) Cinta Laura Diskusi Bola, Tapi…


Cinta Laura Kiehl memang bukan gadis feminin yang menyukai warna pink dan atribut girlie lainnya. Olahraga yang disukai oleh kelahiran Jerman, 17 Agustus 1993 ini adalah olahraga yang kebanyakan disukai kaum pria yaitu sepakbola. Bertepatan dengan EURO 2008 Cinta dan keluarga menyempatkan diskusi sepakbola.

Walaupun Negara favoritnya sudah tidak mungkin menjadi pemenang, namun putri dari pasangan Michael Kiehl dan Herdiana, S.H ini tetap menyebut-nyebut nama Jerman sebagai Negara yang dijagokannya. Bukan hanya Cinta saja mempunyai Negara favorit untuk diidolakan, namun kedua orangtuanya juga mempunyai jagoan masing-masing.

Sang ayah mempunyai dua Negara yang dijagokannya yaitu Portugal dan Belanda. Sedangkan mama Cinta Laura mengjagokan Negara Brazil pada EURO 2008 ini. Hal ini cukup menggelitik ditengah diskusi Cinta dengan papanya yang membahas tentang sepakbola.

ough, trust me Brazil is not in Europe, Mam. *shakes head*