Cowboy Junction (2006)

“Cowboy Junction” was originally conceived as a short story entitled Me, Bobby McGee and the Gun. The simple yet sweet tale of two men who meet by chance and throw caution to the wind has always resonated for screenwriter Gregory Christian. “It is a fairy-tale of sorts,” he has said. “Just think back to the last time you fell in love with a stranger.” But this “boy meets boy” tale took on a completely different twist when he began adapting it as a short screenplay for entry into the film festival circuit. Suddenly, one of the boys was now a married man caught up in a world of homo-erotic fantasy and coveting his gardener (the Bobby McGee character now envisioned as a rugged cowboy).

When the script was ready, the problem of finding two suitable leads arose. While working at the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, Mr. Christian decided, after much debate, to cast himself as the MAN and fellow actor James Bobby as the COWBOY. Bobby was more than up for the task of tackling such challenging and tongue-in-cheek material. The wheels were in motion and a summer 2004 shoot was set. Gregory calls the short a “one-day wonder.” The entire piece was shot on a Saturday in August in less than 14 hours. When the final cut was ready, he began submitting it to numerous film festivals.

In May 2005, the “Cowboy Junction” short premiered at the Miami Film Festival. It played on multiple screens at the Regal Theatre as part of their wildly popular “Boys’ Shorts” program. The piece was a definite crowd pleaser and also garnered a cover on local Floridian magazine “411” as part of an article about the festival. The short was so well-received, Mr. Christian announced at the showings that the short would be pulled off the circuit and a feature would be going into production.

The script was ready, the cast and crew were in place and production was set for five days following the conclusion of the festival. The character of the wife was now a prominent part of the storlyine and would be played by veteran actress Elyse Mirto (another Kingsmen Shakespeare alumni). The tale was now a story of her husband’s sexual repression and gut-wrenching “coming out,” amongst the most dire of circumstances. The entire movie was a wonder in it’s own right: completed in nine days of total production time.


Gregory Christian – The Husband
James Bobby – The Cowboy
Elyse Mirto – The Wife
Bryan Hixson – The Kid
Greg Fitzpatrick – Angry Cowboy Hustler
Matt Austin – Young Cowboy

I found this movie really boring, I guess I just don’t like movie about cheating, besides the acting was not really that good… I’ve no comment about the story, like I’ve said, I lost interest to watch this movie from start to the end.

A pitcher of James Bobby

at least one of the lead character was hott, lol

anyway, you could watch the trailer here


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