Testosterone (2003)

The film focuses around Dean Seagrave (Sutcliffe), a troubled and depressed gay man who found success with his novel Teenage Speed Freak which was a semi-autobiographical novel about his troubled teenage years. However, Dean hasn’t written a novel in a long time. His fans keep pressuring him on writing a new novel and his publisher Louise (Coolidge) keeps hounding him and is mean to him. And he is also on probation for assaulting an elderly woman. He is also living with a low amount of money in Los Angeles, California. He desides to leave his job as a writer and his life in Los Angeles and travels to Argentina hoping to find his ex-lover Pablo (Sabato) who left him when he said he was going to get cigarettes.


David Sutcliffe as Dean Seagrave
Celina Font as Sofia
Antonio Sabato Jr. as Pablo Alesandro
Jennifer Coolidge as Louise

This movie was boring, although the actors are hott, but gosh, I can’t wait for this movie to be over, lol. The story line was confusing, and unclear…

But like I said, the players are hott, lol

a pitcher of Antonio Sabato Jr.

and one of David Sutcliffe

No worthy quote I found from this movie

a clip of the movie


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