Dorian Blues (2004)

Dorian realises he is gay in his final year of high school. He meets another gay youth locally, but remains confused. He starts therapy, then resorts to confession in the Church, and finally comes out to his brother. The latter teaches him how to fight and tries to have him spend a night with a prostitute, to make him become straight, to no avail. Dorian then decides to come out to his father; he gets kicked out of the house. He moves to New York City and finds a boyfriend, but he gets dumped after two months. His brother visits him and they learn their father has died of a heart attack. At the funeral, his mother tells him she regrets not stop his father from being angry with him.


Michael McMillian as Dorian Lagatos
Lea Coco as Nicky Lagatos
Steve Fletcher as Tom Lagatos
Mo Quigley as Maria Lagatos
Cody Nickell as Ben

It was a comedy movie about coming out, although the story was a bit bitter, but the director managed to convert it into a laugh-induced movie 🙂

A pitcher of Michael McMillian

and Lea Coco


Maria Lagatos: [in reference to Dorian’s father and her husband, who has recently passed] He could be a real son of a bitch, couldn’t he?
Dorian Lagatos: [turning around with a look of shock and surprise] Excuse me?
Maria Lagatos: What you didn’t think I knew that?
Dorian Lagatos: I didn’t think you’d say it!



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