Coffee Date (2006)

The film portrays Todd (portrayed by Bray) who arrives at a cafe for a blind date with Kelly (Cruz), whom he expects to be a girl. When Kelly turns out to be a gay man, Todd discovers that he has been the victim of a prank by his brother Barry (Silverman). Todd and Kelly decide to get revenge on Barry by pretending they are indeed now a couple. However, the joke soon goes further than they expected when Todd’s family and friends all soon believe him to be gay. Despite his repeated attempts to prove otherwise, Todd soon finds himself doubting his own sexuality, and feelings toward Kelly.


Jonathan Bray as Todd
Wilson Cruz as Kelly
Jonathan Silverman as Barry
Sally Kirkland as Mrs. Muller
Elaine Hendrix as Bonnie

This movie was so-so, I like the idea of the movie’s storyline, but the movie was lack with technical support that could make this movie became a good one. It’s too bad actually, because I really like the idea.

a pitcher of Jonathan Bray

Wilson Cruz

and one of Jonathan Silverman, although his character in this movie is sooo annoying, but I liked him alright, lol



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