The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2005)

26 year-old Ethan lives with roommate Charlotte in a house owned by his ex-boyfriend Leo in West Hollywood. Ethan has been dating former pro baseball player-turned-autobiographer Kyle Underhill for several months, so when Leo announces he plans to sell the house, Ethan starts dropping hints to Kyle that they should live together. Inexplicably, when Kyle actually asks him to move in, Ethan breaks up with him.
Ethan hooks up with a younger man, Punch, who works in a real estate office. Together they conspire to delay the sale of Leo’s house by convincing him to sign with the world’s worst realtor, the terminally depressed Sunny Deal. However, Charlotte ends up sleeping with Sunny which knocks her out of her depression and motivates her to make the sale.
Meanwhile, after a nostalgic one-night stand, Ethan has decided he wants to get back together with Leo. Unfortunately, Leo has gotten engaged to a controlling and even emotionally abusive gay Republican Chester Baer and Ethan’s event planner mother has agreed to plan their commitment ceremony.
In an odd moment, Leo, Punch and Kyle end up in a torrid threesome in Ethan’s bedroom. Punch decides that Ethan isn’t mature enough for him and dumps him. Kyle, who’d been considering taking Ethan back, abruptly changes his mind. Chester forgives Leo and they go ahead with their plans. The house sells, Charlotte and Sunny move in together and Ethan signs a lease at a local retirement community.
Ethan crashes the commitment ceremony but only to give Leo his silent blessing. However, at the altar, Leo has an anxiety attack and has to be taken away in an ambulance. A few days later Ethan settles in at the retirement community and the screen fades to black with the words THE END.
The screen then fades back up on Leo talking with a lady retiree. As Ethan stands nearby, Leo tells her that he gave Chester his ring back and broke up with him. Leo has realized that he still loves Ethan. He and Ethan reconcile and the film ends as they kiss.


Daniel Letterle as Ethan Green
Diego Serrano as Kyle Underhill
Shanola Hampton as Charlotte
David Monahan as Leo Worth
Scott Atkinson as Chester Baer
Dean Shelton as Punch Epstein
Ramon De Ocampo as Juarez

This movie is hilarious, I enjoy the comedy throughout the whole movie, the fact that the actors are good looking is also a factor 🙂

All in all, I like this movie, this one is worth to watch more than once 🙂

A pitcher of Daniel Letterle

Diego Serrano

David Monahan

Scott Atkinson

Dean Shelton

Ramon De Ocampo

Best quote:

Devil Punch: [on Ethan’s shoulder, after Punch passed out] What are you doing? Fuck him.
Angel Punch: Yeah, fuck him.
Ethan Green: Aren’t you supposed to be talking me out of this?
Angel Punch: No, fuck him.
Devil Punch: Yeah.
Angel Punch: Do it doggy style.
Devil Punch: Do it doggy style. Fuck him.



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