Presque Rien (2000)

Presque rien (meaning Almost Nothing, which is also the UK release title; the U.S. title is Come Undone) is a 2000 French film directed by Sebastien Lifshitz, depicting a stormy romance between two 18-year-olds (One who is upper middle class and another who is working class) set in Brittany and what remains of that relationship eighteen months later.

Mathieu (Jérémie Elkaïm), is spending his summer vacation at the sea before starting college in the fall to become an architect. His mother is deeply depressed because of the death of his baby brother from cancer, and he and his snotty younger sister cannot get along.

Then he meets Cedric at the beach (Stéphane Rideau, the object of gay desires in several films, including Les roseaux sauvages), who is attractive and obviously looking for a boyfriend.

After the first shy kisses and embraces, the two boys begin a steamy affair, and Lifshitz does not hesitate to show this with realism.

A parallel plot line focuses on Mathieu eighteen months later, as he recovers from the shock of their separation. After having tried to commit suicide, Mathieu’s psychiatrist sends him back to the small seaside town to learn how to deal with what happened. While Lifshitz does not explicitly say why their relationship failed, the impression is conveyed that their characters are simply too different.

The film ends on a hopeful note when Mathieu meets Pierre (Nils Ohlund), another former boyfriend of Cedric’s, and finally gets the feeling he has found someone who understands him.


Jérémie Elkaïm as Mathieu
Stéphane Rideau as Cédric
Dominique Reymond as Mother
Marie Matheron as Annick
Laetitia Legrix as Sarah
Nils Ohlund as Pierre
Réjane Kerdaffrec as Psychiatrist
Guy Houssier as Cédric’s father
Violeta Ferrer as Pierre’s mother

If you want to watch this movie, having a good skill in French is a must. The subtitles is somehow confusing and the story is too complicated. The scene jump from present to the past sporadically, and it gives more confusion to the audience. But there’s a hott sex scene in it, at least you can wait for it in the movie, lol.

a pitcher of Jérémie Elkaïm

and Stéphane Rideau

a full frontal nudity pic *drools*



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