No Night Is Too Long (2002)

No Night Is Too Long is a 2002 BBC dramatization based on the novel of the same name by Barbara Vine (a pseudonym of Ruth Rendell).

The plot follows a creative writing student from Suffolk named Tim Cornish (Lee Williams), an exceptional student who leads a promiscuous lifestyle. A series of chance meetings with Dr. Ivo Steadman (Marc Warren), a lecturer at his University, lead to a relationship between Tim and Ivo. All goes well until Ivo becomes extremely busy with issues regarding his university lectures. Tim decides to tease Ivo about sexual advances he is receiving from others, resulting in Ivo becoming violent towards Tim. Despite his reservations about Ivo’s behaviour, Tim agrees to accompany him to Alaska. However, complications arise which lead to Ivo postponing the trip while he supervises a cruise, leaving a reluctant Tim in their hotel. Tim then meets and becomes infatuated with a woman named Isabel (Mikela J. Mikael), and they have a brief affair. When Ivo returns, he is met with an unenthusiastic Tim, who is still in love with Isabel and is growing impatient with Ivo. They then journey by boat to a remote island. The journey, during which Ivo rapes Tim, is made even more turbulent by Ivo’s suspicions that Tim has had an affair.

Eventually, Ivo and Tim have a heated argument about the affair on the remote island they have sailed to. Before Ivo has a chance to leave, Tim reveals the name of the person he had an affair with. This drives Ivo into a rage, and in the ensuing fight Tim accidentally throws him against a rocky moutainside, leaving him unconscious. Believing he has killed Ivo, Tim manages to flee back to the UK without creating any suspicion. There he unsuccessfully searches for Isabel. Meanwhile, Ivo, who was not actually killed and has escaped from the island where Tim left him, confronts Isabel about the affair. Ivo then reveals that, unbeknownst to Tim, Isabel is actually his sister who was asked to keep an eye on Tim’s behaviour while Ivo was away supervising the cruise, explaining his earlier anger. Soon, Tim begins to receive anonymous letters making it clear that someone is aware of his crime. Eventually, Ivo turns up in person at Tim’s house and discusses the previous events with him. Ironically, on leaving Tim’s house, Ivo is murdered by a deranged drifter. In contrast to the end of the novel, which suggested Isabel and Tim could rekindle their relationship, the film’s closing scene shows Tim unable to open his door and let Isabel into his house.


* Lee Williams as Tim Cornish
* Marc Warren as Dr. Ivo Steadman,
* Mikela J. Mikael as Isabel,
* Salvatore Antonio as Thierry Massin
* Beverley Breuer as Connie Dorral,
* Rob Bruner as Nathan Hayward,
* Denis Corbett as Passenger #2,
* Philip Granger as Fergus Mc Kenzie,
* Mark Hildreth as James Gilman,
* Liam McGuigan as Young Tim Cornish

I don’t really like this kind of movie (mystery), but somehow the storyline was exciting, so it’s worthwhile. Asides from some homosexual scene, there are some heterosexual encounter scenes in here too, so for those of you who like both kind, this movie suits you well, lol.

Here are some pitchers of the leading actors:

some scenes from the movie:


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