Long Term Relationship (2006)

Glenn gets tired of one night stands, and answers an ad placed by Adam, who is looking for an LTR. Glenn & Adam are perfect for each other, except for one, or two, or many things.


Matthew Montgomery as Glenn
Windham Beacham as Adam
Artie O’Daly as Eli
Jeremy Lucas as Vincent
Bret Wolfe as Rex
Chuti Tiu as Mary Margaret
Joel Bryant as Andrew
Joe Bratcher as William Harris
Judy Farrell as Diane Harris

this movie was quite funny, unfortunately the acting (esp. WIndham Beacham) was so-so, it’s too bad, I like the idea of the movie actually 🙂

anyway, Matthew Montgomery played in a lot of glbt movie, is he gay in real life?

a picture of him:

and Jeremy Lucas is waaaay is the hottest guy in this movie 🙂



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