Denied (2004)

A small town super-jock comes to terms with his suppressed sexuality in this tale of masculine love that lends credence to the old adage “never judge a book by its cover.” In high school, Troy had it all. But high school is over now, and when Troy’s unsuspecting girlfriend goes out of town, the manly jock spends his hours pining over his best friend Merrick. When a series of midnight massages with Merrick quickly evolve into heated sex sessions, Troy’s sexual confusion forces him to choose between a life of denial and frustration, or a life in which he can express his true sexual identity.


Lee Rumohr as Troy
Matt Austin as Merrick
Sarah Kanter Emanuel as Stacey
Matthew Finlason as Fowler
Nathalie Toriel as Donna
Stefan Brogren as Donald
Christina Sicoli as Demi

Reading from the synopsis, one might think that it’s a good movie, unfortunately, that’s not the fact at all. The acting, the cinematography, the story line were awful. Luckily, the actors have great bods, so I won’t complain about it, lol.

Lee Rumohr

Matt Austin

Anyway, this movie was so unpopular, I can’t even find a trailer everywhere on the net *sighs*

Best quote:

Troy: I’m alone.
Merrick: I know. Now we’re real best friends.


6 responses to “Denied (2004)

  1. Necesito los subtitulos de esta movie .
    alguien que los tenga por favor digame o pasemelos……

    I need the subtitles of this movie …

    DENIED 2004..

  2. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any subtitles for this movie 😦

    • what did you search for on youtube? is it coded or something? do you by any chance have the link? can you tell i’m a little desperate? haha

      • it was awhile ago, I think the link was broken or maybe the channel got suspended, sorry.

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