Cowboys & Angels (2003)

Flat-mate wanted: apply within. So begins the sweetest straight-gay friendship in recent memory. Shane is a lost and lonely 20 year-old civil servant from the suburbs; he’s adorably hetero and has no sense of style. His new roommate in the big city is Vincent, a hot young fashion student, queer, innately stylish, full of life, surrounded by friends, and able to pick up a hot daddy in ten seconds. For Shane, Vincent unlocks buried artistic dreams and a burning need to embrace the adventure of youth. For Vincent, Shane is…well…he’s a makeover project, inside and out. And soon enough, he’s in serious trouble. Filled with just enough confidence to make just the wrong move, Shane falls in with two drug-dealing thugs downstairs, and things get dangerous fast. As he spins out of control, Vincent flinches from the monster he’s created. But the flat has thin walls, and even at their worst, Shane and Vincent never stop listening for each other. Refreshingly, writer/director David Gleeson’s vision of this friendship transcends all that we’ve come to expect from a gay-straight relationship onscreen. The warmth and youthful optimism that emerge from this duo is positively infectious, and Michael Legge and Allen Leech effortlessly bring to life one of the rarest kinds of love. Gleeson’s production is polished and lyrical; like Shane’s clothing designs, Cowboys and Angels is colorful, bold and exhilaratingly alive.


Michael Legge as Shane Butler
Allen Leech as Vincent Cusack
Amy Shiels as Gemma
David Murray as Keith
Frank Kelly as Jerry
Colm Coogan as Budgie
Sean Power as Frankie
Alvaro Lucchesi as Bunny
Frank Coughlan as Richard Walsh
Nigel Mercier as Inspector

It’s a good movie, it pictures a friendship between a gay guy and a straight guy. We can see that straight and gay could be friend and they can help each other, without sexually involved ๐Ÿ™‚

Other conflict in this movie is when a guy (I forgot his name) starting to flirt with Shane, while Gemma (a straight girl who Shane likes) flirted with Vincent, in the end, they both said to each other that they need to exchange their charm, so Shane could get Gemma, and Vincent could get the guy, lol.

anyway, Michael Legge is sooo cute ๐Ÿ™‚

and here’s a pitcher of Allen Leech

best quote:

Richard: Look at you. Look at the state of you. You can’t keep burning the candle at both ends you know.
Shane: [turns to him] It’s my wick and I’ll go out in flames if I want to.



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