Bent (1997)

Max (CLIVE OWEN) is a carefree playboy who lives the high life of the promiscuous Berlin nightclubs of Nazi Germany. Although he lives with his lover, Rudy (BRIAN WEBBER), a dancer in the cabaret, he has a fling with a German soldier at a swinging nightclub where the androgynous Greta (MICK JAGGER) performs. Soon, however, the Nazis crack down on homosexual activity, and Max and Rudy go on the run. Max hopes his Uncle Freddie (SIR IAN MCKELLEN) can make a deal that will get them to Amsterdam, but they’re captured before that happens. The two are then transported along with other gay men to Dachau. Along the way, however, the soldiers torture Rudy, and Horst (LOTHAIRE BLUTEAU), a fellow prisoner, tells Max he must forget Rudy, act straight, and toughen his emotions to survive. Once at Dachau, the gay men are given pink triangles — symbols of their “lower class,” while Max, who convinced the officers he’s straight, wears just a Star of David. “Sentenced” to hard labor, Max must overcome the tedious and harsh work conditions where he’s forced to move rocks back and forth from one pile to the next and then back again.

Desperate for companionship, he bribes an officer to have Horst transferred to his work detail. Initially upset that he’s moving rocks for no reason, Horst eventually bonds with Max and the two fall for each other, although they can’t touch or display their true emotions. As their bond grows stronger as the months pass — and is the only thing that allows them to survive — they run the risk of harsh and even deadly repercussions if the Nazis’ learn of their secret.


Clive Owen as Max
Lothaire Bluteau as Horst
Ian McKellen as Uncle Freddie
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Wolf (as Nikolaj Waldau)
Mick Jagger as Greta / George
Brian Webber as Rudy
Jude Law as Stormtrooper
Gresby Nash as Waiter
Suzanne Bertish as Half-woman, half-man
David Meyer as Gestapo man
Stefan Marling as SS Captain
Richard Laing as SS guard
Crispian Belfrage as SS guard
Johanna Kirby as Muttering woman
David Phelan as Fluff in park

A very very gloomy and dark movie, if you like angst, then I’m sure that you will like this movie. There are a lot of scene that needed some thought before you could actually grasp what it meant.

All in all, this movie is good, and I’d like to categorize this as a psychological kind of movie 🙂

best quote:

Max: I love you… What’s wrong with that?



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