Westlife in OK Magazine

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Taken the Westlife part:

Part 1

And it was just as pudding was being devoured that a white drape at the side of the terrace was pulled down to reveal a stage and to the guests amazement, Westlife! The Irish boys began their speech:

“Hello everyone, we’d like to congratulate Wayne and Coleen on their wedding day and invite them up here for there first dance!”

Cheers erupted as Wayne led a smiling Coleen to the dancefloor. The couple then slow-danced to the Westlife hit ‘I Do’, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes while singing the words to each other, as the guests looked on misty eyed. The boys then invited all of the guests up to dance and family, friends and footballers all boogied to a string of the boy band’s hits.

Part 2

There was another big surprise in store for guests though – the boys invited Wayne to join them on stage to sing their hit ‘Swear It All Over Again’ as a little bird had told them he could sing and they weren’t wrong – We knew Wayne was perfect on the pitch but pitch perfect? The boys were so impressed that Mark Feehily said: “I think he could replace Brian (McFadden)!” Nicky Byrne then went on to say: “Coleen, you look absolutely beautiful today.” With Mark adding: “Oi! She’s a married woman now!” After playing a 45 minute set, Nicky said to the bride and groom: “It’s a pleasure for us to be here. We hope you have a long and happy life together.”



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