Männer wie wir (2004)

Männer wie wir (“Men Like Us”; US title Guys and Balls) is a 2004 sports comedy/romance by German-American director Sherry Hormann about a gay goalkeeper who assembles a gay-only soccer team to play against his ex-team which fired him out of homophobia.

Ecki (Maximilian Brückner) lives with his parents who own a bakery in Boldrup, a (fictitious) small German town near Dortmund. Football, the German national pastime, is particularly popular in this heavily industrialized region and Ecki has been an avid and successful player since his childhood days.

In a decisive game, he fails to keep a ball and is then evicted from the team, with his mistake being used to cover the real reason—the revelation that he is gay that comes about when he is observed by some of his teammates kissing another man on the mouth.

Ecki is defiant and immediately sets out to form his own team and beat his ex-teammates at their game. Meanwhile, he also manages to win the heart of dreamboy Sven (David Rott), who becomes his first boyfriend. Training of the team is done by Karl (Rolf Zacher), an ex-soccer player himself who quit the sport after a defeat similar to Ecki’s.

When the big day of the game comes, the match starts out badly for Ecki’s team, but ultimately they are able to triumph over his old teammates by allowing their homophobia to turn against themselves.


Maximilian Brückner as Ecki
Willi Thomczyk as Wirt
Jochen Stern as Rentner Rudi
Judith Hoersch as Cordula
Carlo Ljubek as Udo
Mirko Lang as Tobias
Tobias van Dieken as Bernhard
David Rott as Sven

it was a hilarious movie, yet brought out message on how we should fight about what we believe (in this term, gay could play soccer too, lol)



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